Etiquette and Conduct


True golfers help protect the game by preserving this code of conduct and observing golf etiquette.  This is especially important for new golfers.  If you are new to the game, you will be a lot more comfortable on the golf course when you know what to do and how to behave.  If you are unsure, ask!


Personal Conduct:

In signing up for an LPGA Amateur Golf Association sponsored activity, members agree to participate in a way that upholds the positive image of LPGA Amateur Golf Association. Incidents of unbecoming conduct, misrepresentation, illegal activities, or other actions deemed to be detrimental to the image of the LPGA Amateur Golf Association may result in exclusion from Boston Chapter activities, or informal proceedings to removeLPGA Amateur Golf Association membership.

Contacting and Soliciting Members

One of the benefits of the LPGA Amateur Golf Association is your access to other women to grow your personal and professional network.  You may come across non-LPGA Amateur Golf Association opportunities you would like to share with the members. 
If you wish to share the non-LPGA Amateur Golf Association, other members, contact members first to find out if they are interested in receiving information about the opportunity you have to offer.  
Members of the LPGA Amateur Golf Association Boston chapter are expected to respect the privacy of fellow members and thus not use LPGA Amateur Golf Association contact and emails addresses for unsolicited non-LPGA Amateur Golf Association.
If you wish to advertise your business or other opportunities through the LPGA Amateur Golf Association BostonChapter, please see our Sponsorship page or contact our Membership Services Director.
If you have any questions about this policy, please contact our Chapter President.

The Teeing Ground:

Always be on time and prepared to play. Choose the teeing ground that best matches your ability.   Turn off your cell phone for the entire round.
Safety - stand on the same side as the ball when watching someone hit and be careful about others around you while taking practice swings. Stay silent and still while others in your group are teeing off. Avoid taking divots with practice swings on the teeing ground. 


Pace of Play:

Be aware of your position on the course -- always keep up with the group ahead.
Plan your shot while walking to your ball or while others are playing.  Be ready to play when it is your turn to play, particularly on the putting green. Walk briskly between shots.  Walk directly to your golf ball; do not follow other players to theirs unless assisting in a search.  If riding, take several clubs with you to your ball so you will not have to walk back to the cart.  At the putting green, leave all equipment where you can pick it up on the way to the next hole.  Record scores on the next teeing ground (not on the green) while others are hitting or after you have played your tee shot. Do not take mulligans, but understand how to use a "provisional ball".  Please read these informational websites for pace of play tips:
Slow Play Tips

How to Speed Up Your Play

Course Condition:

Replace your divots or fill divots with soil/seed mixture, if available.  Repair other golfers' divots.  Avoid taking divots with practice swings.  Smooth footprints and irregularities in the sand after playing from bunkers. 
Leave the course in better condition than you found it.


On the Green:

Know how to repair a ball-mark:   Insert a repair tool or tee at the edges of the ball mark and push the edges to the center.  Do not lift the center of the ball mark.  Try not to tear the grass.
- Place golf bags well off the putting surface, and in the direction of the next tee.
- Take care with flagsticks when removing and replacing them in the hole, and when placing them on the green.
- Stay off the line of putt of other players.
- Study your line of putt ahead of time and be ready to putt when it is your turn.

Additional information on Golf Etiquette can be found at the United States Golf Association website,

Remember to always play by the Rules of Golf, play quickly, and observe golf etiquette,
and you'll be an integral part of the greatest game of all.