League Championship

Congratulations on qualifying for the 2019 League Championship.  It is an honor to be part of your league team competing for the coveted title “2019 LPGA Amateur Golf Association Boston Chapter League Champions.”  This year’s event will be hosted TBD


  • Each league will form one 4 person team.
  • Team Members shall be selected from regular league members.
  • All team members must have an established Handicap (GHIN or EWGA GN21) by Sept 1, 2017.  And all team members shall have posted two 18 hole rounds in 2018 (or equivalent 9 hole rounds).
  • The team shall be selected as:
    • One League Coordinator.  If the league coordinator cannot attend, then a league member shall be selected by a random draw from all league members who are interested in participating.
    • One League member who has the lowest handicap index of all members interested in participating in the championship.
    • Two League members selected by random draw from all league members who are interested in participating in the championship.
  • If a league cannot fill a team with regular members, the league may select from registered alternates.