League Attendance Policy

The Boston Chapter (unlike many other LPGA Amateur Golf Association) does not currently have a mandatory attendance policy.  Some Chapters require a certain percentage of league days played (including those played by alternates) because it enables the Chapter to improve tee times and secure courses from year to year.

In the past, the Boston Chapter has actually lost league courses due to poor attendance. To avoid this in the future, we ask all league participants to make a concerted effort to find alternates should you be unable to play on a given day. We also have an alternate fee to assure that there is a committed pool of alternate players.

Only through improvement in our alternate system will we be able to maintain our existing leagues, find new leagues, improve tee times and avoid a mandatory attendance policy.

We ask that you provide your league coordinators feedback if you are receiving minimal response when seeking alternates.

Your cooperation with the policy is greatly appreciated!